About us

Blackline Design is founded by Mr. Dhaval Kathiriya in 2012. Blackline Design is expert in providing services like Architectural Design, Product Details, Interiors and Furniture Design.

Who We Are

Blackline Design and Architect works together for Residentials, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail Projects for creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience.

Blackline work is prepared by elements of art, Environment, Sustainability, Engineering and Economics to form empathetic and cohesive spaces. The studio strives to achieve a rare durability between creative form and commercial viability.

Blackline’s Layered and Textured designs have contributed to India’s modern design aesthetic and elevating its interior expression onto international design stage.

Our team works collaboratively under the guidance of Founder and Directory, Dhaval Kathiriya whose creativity and expertise inspire every design for all projects.

At the core of BLACKLINE approach is innovative thinking that gives vibrancy to form their designs. Blackline is unique in its equally balanced and fully integrated architecture and interior design process, with each discipline informing the other for the duration of a project.

The Studio’s poetic ambitions are channelled through the director’s practical sensibilities into authentic and honest outcomes which result in crafting architecture you can feel.

A Blackline Projects are Robust and Playful with all design elements, contributory and purposeful. The Studio creates enduring legacy for the future

Our Studio is Emerging as a Leading Design Practice in Architecture, Interiors, Product Detail And Art Work With A Recognisable Individuality & Voice

It’s our challenge to create thoughtful sustainable spaces that will stand the test of time

- Dhaval Kathiriya, Director

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